Centralized trading data validation: KTL Story

In this article, we will explain how ZKON tackled KTL's challenges by providing a solution for secure, privacy-centric trading data validation without the need for API key custody.

Challenge: Off-chain trading data validation and privacy concerns

Kings Trade League faced the task of securely importing PnL records and trading volumes from CEXes (centralized exchanges) for their Web3 trading league, a process demanding trading data validation at a smart contract level.

Additionally, the traditional method of custodying user API keys in centralized vaults was full of privacy and security risks, threatening the integrity of their platform.

Importing trading data and it’s validation at a smart contract level

KTL is a league for traders that can operate across exchanges transparently and in a decentralized way. They need to ensure accurate trading data validation for profit and loss (PnL) records and trading volume data imported from off-chain exchanges to their on-chain platform.

Custody of user API Keys

The risk associated with holding API keys for data access, along with the potential exposure of users' trading strategies and personal information, highlighted the need for a robust solution in trading data validation and privacy protection.

Implementing ZKON d-Data Proofs

Kings Trade League adopted ZKON's d-Proofs technology, a perfect fit for their need for precise trading data validation in PnL and trading volumes. This innovative solution meant that KTL no longer needed to hold API keys, significantly reducing their risk exposure.

The use of zero-knowledge circuits in d-Data Proofs allowed for the validation of trading data without compromising user privacy. These circuits are capable of verifying essential trading data without revealing any sensitive information, thereby upholding the integrity of users' trading strategies.

The use of ZKON solutions revealed a huge positive impact in several ways:

Impact on users privacy

ZKON's use of zero-knowledge proofs allows users to share their trading activity while fully preserving privacy, ensuring no sensitive data is ever exposed.

Impact on users security

The elimination of API key custody through ZKON's technology significantly bolsters platform security, safeguarding user information and trading data.

Impact on legal compliance

By not holding API keys, KTL sidesteps stringent data protection regulations, simplifying compliance without compromising on data security.

KTLs trading league to launch on Q1 2024

The implementation of ZKON d-Data Proofs marked a transformative phase for Kings Trade League. It enabled them to provide trustless and accurate trading data validation for PnL records and trading volumes from off-chain sources, a key factor in conducting fair and transparent trading leagues. This solution not only enhanced the security of their platform but also ensured the utmost privacy of their users. As a result, Kings Trade League was able to confidently promote their trading leagues, guaranteeing the integrity of the competition and the confidentiality of its participants.


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