become a node

  • Each Node does HMAC signing to the request message with secret key sk.
  • The signing is done through circuit representation of sha3_256 derived from Scale-Mamba library.
  • The user and the Node evaluate the circuit using with a 2PC connection where the input to the sha3_256 is secret shares {key_user , key_oracle_1} of the secret key from each user and Node.
1sk = key_user ^ key_oracle_1

Prerequisites for Running the Node

  1. Get the following library: mpc.git
  2. Build the garbler application in the /apps/garbled folder

Generate shares for the Node

  1. Run the application in apps/garbled/examples/key-import.mpcl using the garbler application
  2. The user (garbler) provides three arguments:
    - key [64]byte: the key to import
    - split [64]byte: random input for the key split value
    - mask [64]byte: random mask to mask garbler's key share result
  3. The node (evaluator) provides two arguments: the split and the mask values.
  4. The MPC program splits the key into two random shares:
    - users share : key_user = g.Split ^ e.Split
    - Node’s share: key_oracle= keyG ^ g.Key
  5. The result shares are masked with respective masks and returned as the result of the computation:
    - key_user_masked = keyG ^ g.Mask
    - key_oracle_masked = keyE ^ e.Mask
  6. Using these parameters:
1key:    a968f050ebd5c4ed2ddf9717f0f0fd9325b07c68ff5d62094800f5b69464bab9
2        8dd886a7c49460503fafa75f5f7430f2cdda7bd5cb60c1cbd471e35d67432d58
3split_oracle: 7e1d9bb27838f5c8481b7194f07b5f3059f9471ae8e69ea3fe79c629a92588d9
4        524a6e4364e77d222210135f6c5435a8be52fc99ad8fc8280e8207cac91fc7b3
5mask_oracle:  bed1bc2a3e6089bd016ff0175c62346438a9eb7b741f41787e5f7aad1720ee08
6        233a89e81e3bbd5eef26d158750a0fdd47471ded518d781f23de6d4346ea68ad
8split_user: b2146ed7385d63a76f599b27f03e83971149208b0c41604eea010806460a3266
9        93820075bc25c485b2bfcb9226488ba961eeb07980f8ab374b38f793e41e5247
10mask_user:  a0698ff8e72f51bf3bff3895c80a8ba8a527abaa5a7603391545ed5dcebb22b5
11        a2f191bcb3ac3a543cfdba99bded67a3ac6f5f254ff7e5c34520312c9b91f672
  1. Run the user:
1./garbled -e -v -i 0xb2146ed7385d63a76f599b27f03e83971149208b0c41604eea010806460a326693820075bc25c485b2bfcb9226488ba961eeb07980f8ab374b38f793e41e5247,0xa0698ff8e72f51bf3bff3895c80a8ba8a527abaa5a7603391545ed5dcebb22b5a2f191bcb3ac3a543cfdba99bded67a3ac6f5f254ff7e5c34520312c9b91f672 examples/key-import.mpcl
  1. Run the node:
1./garbled -v -i 0xa968f050ebd5c4ed2ddf9717f0f0fd9325b07c68ff5d62094800f5b69464bab98dd886a7c49460503fafa75f5f7430f2cdda7bd5cb60c1cbd471e35d67432d58,0x7e1d9bb27838f5c8481b7194f07b5f3059f9471ae8e69ea3fe79c629a92588d9524a6e4364e77d222210135f6c5435a8be52fc99ad8fc8280e8207cac91fc7b3,0xbed1bc2a3e6089bd016ff0175c62346438a9eb7b741f41787e5f7aad1720ee08233a89e81e3bbd5eef26d158750a0fdd47471ded518d781f23de6d4346ea68ad examples/key-import.mpcl
  1. The program returns two values: user’s and oracle's masked key shares:
1Result[0]: 72d8494f7e051fd2262d1aa45c27e8c370198cea90b8bf956a27b482f80f54b7e2f2e7dec6f904f97f8909953f16b1dc98fb510d7cfa1b0066649d1a6bebfd59
2Result[1]: c5088acd4c9f033d3162453138bfaa9cc827b053418c9fdd493dd6c4b5f022b3eee1792daffae3a393fdc50ba885e950be096810a9e04717d4eb2228d1d34ede
  1. Both peers can extract their key shares by XOR-ing their result with their mask value:
1share_oracle: cc09f5654065966f2742eab30045dca748b06791e4a7feed1478ce2fef2fbabf
2        c1c86e36d8c2b9a790afd8cd4a1cbe01dfbc4ce02d77631f45baf0592d0195f4
3share_user: 65610535abb052820a9d7da4f0b521346d001bf91bfa9ce45c783b997b4b0006
4        4c10e8911c56d9f7af007f9215688ef312663735e617a2d491cb13044a42b8ac

Calculate HMAC using garbled circuit

  1. Run the application in apps/garbled/examples/hmac-sha256.mpcl using the garbler application.
  2. The user and oracle share the secret (HMAC) key as random key shares as shown in the above steps:

    key_user: 4de216d2fdc9301e5b9c78486f7109a05670d200d9e2f275ec0aad08ec42af47 fcb59bf460d50b01333a748f3a9efb13e08036d49a26c21ba2e33a5f8a2cf0e7

    key_oracle: f87a00ef89c2396de32f6ac0748f6fa1b641013d46f74ce25cc625904215a675 01c0c7196a2602f6516527958a82271847933c35d170d98bfdb04d2ddf3bb197

    and the resulting HMAC key is key_user^key_oracle:
1secret_key : b598163d740b0973b8b312881bfe6601e031d33d9f15be97b0cc8898ae570932
2      fd755ced0af309f7625f531ab01cdc0ba7130ae14b561b905f53777255174170
  1. The application  must define the message lengths -here we are using uses 32-byte messages (Garbler.msg [32]byte) - so let's use the following message:

    msg : Hello, world!...................
    hex : 48656c6c6f2c20776f726c64212e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e

    and we should get the following HMAC-SHA256 output:

    Expected Hmac : 60d27dbd14f1e351f20069171fead00ef557d17ac9a41d02baa488ca4b90171a
  2. Now we can run the MPC protocol. First, run the user with one input: the user’s key share:
1./garbled -e -v -i 0xf87a00ef89c2396de32f6ac0748f6fa1b641013d46f74ce25cc625904215a67501c0c7196a2602f6516527958a82271847933c35d170d98bfdb04d2ddf3bb197 examples/hmac-sha256.mpcl
  1. The Oracle takes two inputs: the message and the user's key share:
1./garbled -v -i 0x48656c6c6f2c20776f726c64212e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e2e,0x4de216d2fdc9301e5b9c78486f7109a05670d200d9e2f275ec0aad08ec42af47fcb59bf460d50b01333a748f3a9efb13e08036d49a26c21ba2e33a5f8a2cf0e7 examples/hmac-sha256.mpcl
  1. The MPC computation provides the expected HMAC result:

    Result[0]: 60d27dbd14f1e351f20069171fead00ef557d17ac9a41d02baa488ca4b90171a

Sometimes the Command::new does not immeditely fire-up a process. Workaround is deployed. Working on a fix which handles the process exit gracefully. Multiple 2-PC is simulated using hard-coded values and tested. Production will require oracle setups. This bug should clear-out itself once oracles run on individual instances.


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