The d-Auth Connector is designed to be straightforward and easy to integrate. Follow the steps below to begin securing your application's infrastructure.

Getting Started

A) Set Up Your User Experience

Please use the demo interface to define the look and feel of your custommised connector:


B) Add Funds

To activate the d-Auth Connector, you'll need to add funds to the smart contract. You can do this on the testnet or reach out to us for alternative payment methods.

B.1) Testnet Smart Contract:

Add funds to this contract to begin connecting your users on the testnet environment.

Smart Contract on Sepolia Etherscan

B.2) Alternative Payment Methods:

For other payment options, please get in touch with our team.

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When integrating our services using iframes, ensure to follow the best practices for iframe security. This includes using a content security policy, regularly updating the source domain, and avoiding inline frames for sensitive content 🛡️

Integrating the d-Auth Connector into your application is as simple as embedding an iFrame. Copy and paste the code snippet into your application's front-end where you want the connector to appear.

Here is the code embedded in the widget creation interface.

Test Your Integration

Before going live, thoroughly test the d-Auth Connector in your application. Ensure that the user experience is smooth and that connections are being established securely and correctly.

Go Live & Experience d-Auth

Once you've completed testing and are satisfied with the functionality, it's time to go live. Your users can now enjoy secure, decentralized authentication connections.


If you encounter any issues or have questions during the integration process, our support team is here to assist you.

Support Contact

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