collaborative Zero Knowledge Protocol

ZKON allows multiple parties to jointly create a zk-SNARK proof over distributed secrets. This approach not only prevents corrupted servers but also acts as a MPC decentralized signing mechanism.

ZKON enables platforms and dApps to leverage users' Web2 data with privacy & security


dAuth splits an API Key into secret shares and distributes them among multiple parties using MPC, preserving any single entity from having complete control of your keys. This solution enhances security by mitigating risks associated with key exposure.



Decentralized TLS Connections use innovative cryptographic techniques to establish secure, private communications over any API request without relying on centralized authorities, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality in transactions.



Collaborative Zero-Knowledge Proofs allow multiple entities to verify data correctness adding redundancy and a consensus mechanism that further protects the protocol against single points of failure or malicious actors.


Start building using the Network

Unlock Real-World use cases, develop your project with better data and connections with web2 and web3 worlds.


Join the Ecosystem: Our Oracle Network is engineered to uphold the economic integrity of the platform while also offering incentives to various stakeholders for actively participating in the network's utility.

As an oracle: Stake, Secure & Earn

By staking your tokens, you not only become an integral part of our robust and secure decentralized network of MPCs (dMPC) but also contribute to maintaining its overall economic and operational integrity. In return, you'll earn from request fees, creating a rewarding ecosystem for active participation and network utility.

As an application: Prove & Earn

Establish a secure and trusted environment without requiring full access to users' authentication secrets. By being a part of ZKON decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) signing process, you can facilitate secure transactions while also generating revenue.

As a protocol: Growing ecosystem

The incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in Elements_Efi has allowed for a level of precision and accuracy that was previously unattainable, making it an invaluable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Incubated by Outlier Ventures

ZKON has been selected to be part of the Zero Knowledge Base Camp program where the most promising teams leveraging ZK Proofs to build a scalable and privacy-preserving Web3.

Incubated by Outlier Ventures

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