Customer Story: ZUUS trading bot platform integrates ZKON Decentralized API connector

Current systems face significant security risks in managing user API keys, especially for custodial services. The centralized storage of these keys presents a vulnerability, exposing them to potential breaches and unauthorized access.

In contrast, using a decentralized API connector like the d-Auth connector addresses these challenges effectively. d-Auth uses MPC to shard and distribute pieces of the API in a network of nodes that collaboratively sign requests to an endpoint, mitigating the risks associated with centralized systems.

It distributes the control and access to these keys, significantly reducing the potential for unauthorized access, hacks and security breaches. This decentralized approach ensures a more secure and resilient framework for API key management, crucial for maintaining the integrity and trust in any trading bot platform.

Widget d-auth decentralized api connector

Challenge: Security Risks in API Key Management and the Role of Decentralized API Connectors

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency trading, ZUUS AI has emerged as a pioneer in automating digital asset portfolios. Their platform offers a non-custodial service, meaning they remotely manage assets via existing accounts and platforms without holding clients' funds themselves. Implementing a decentralized API connector can significantly reduce the risks linked to centralized API key storage, which was previously essential for their platform's operation. This approach drastically reducing the vulnerability to security breaches and unauthorized access, making the platform more secure and reliable.

Solution: ZKON d-Auth Widget Integration as a Decentralized API Connector

In response to the need for enhanced security, ZUUS AI partnered with ZKON to integrate the d-Auth widget, a decentralized API connector, into their system. This advanced technology ensures that no single entity can fully access users' secrets, effectively addressing the security vulnerabilities inherent in centralized API key storage. With ZKON's d-Auth, ZUUS AI can maintain the low latency essential for deploying efficient trading strategies, a crucial aspect of their automated asset management service, which selects and trades assets based on data.

Impact: Secure and Efficient Trading Through Decentralized API Connectivity

The integration of ZKON's d-Auth widget, a decentralized API connector, has revolutionized ZUUS AI's approach to crypto trading. By providing a more secure environment for API key management, they have significantly enhanced user trust. This solution ensures that clients’ trading strategies are deployed swiftly and securely, in line with ZUUS AI's commitment to making crypto trading easy and accessible. Moreover, ZUUS AI's ability to integrate with various exchanges, DEXs, and liquidity pools through decentralized API connectivity complements this enhanced security feature, offering a comprehensive and robust trading platform.


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