Link your Web2 Data to a Web3 Wallet

Effortlessly link your traditional Web2 identities to Web3 wallets with ZKON's secure, streamlined process.

Seamless Web2 to Web3 Transition

ZKON enables the secure linking of traditional web2 identities to blockchain-based web3 profiles. This integration facilitates a smooth transition, allowing users to navigate web3 without creating new identities.

Simplified Digital Identity Integration

Effortlessly merge your established web2 identity with your web3 profiles using ZKON's innovative technology. This seamless connection ensures your digital identity is consistent and secure across different platforms.

Effortless Web3 Onboarding

Ease into the world of web3 with ZKON's streamlined process. Our platform simplifies the transition by securely connecting existing web2 identities to the blockchain, making your move into digital innovation hassle-free.

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