Richer Borrower Profiles with Web2 Data

Empower your lending decisions with comprehensive borrower profiles by integrating web2 data into web3 platforms using ZKON.

Enhancing Lending with Comprehensive Profiles

Borrowers can effortlessly connect their traditional financial accounts via ZKON, sharing critical data from banks, credit institutions, and more. This integration ensures data integrity and offers lenders a holistic view of the borrower's financial history.

Insights from Traditional Financial Behaviors

Access to a borrower's web2 financial history in a trustless environment allows lenders to understand long-term financial behaviors, creditworthiness, and reliability. This complements the limited data in the web3 space, enabling more informed lending decisions.

Trustless Connections for Better Lending

ZKON’s protocol establishes trustless connections between borrowers’ web2 financial histories and web3 platforms, enhancing the lending process with richer, more accurate borrower profiles.

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