d-Auth Connector

December 11, 2023

In today’s digital age, data protection has become a critical issue, especially in the crypto space, where recent breaches have highlighted outdated and inadequate security measures. This situation highlights the urgent need for innovative solutions in data connectivity and protection.

Enter ZKON Network. We are at the forefront of decentralized solutions, providing excellent privacy, security, and easy integration for all kind of industries.

At ZKON we are revolutionizing the way users and developers interact with data across various platforms. No matter the kind of data, we ensure authenticity and user privacy in all instances.

Our cutting-edge decentralized network is built to meet the critical need for safe and dependable data management. It shows the progress of digital security in a world where everything is more and more connected.

ZKON Solutions

We offer two multi-proposal comprehensive solutions that seamlessly adapt to your code without any additional headaches. No matter your business, it applies to all kinds of scenarios. In this article, we will dive deep into the d-Auth Connector.

ZKON d-Auth Connector

d-Auth Connector

ZKON’s Decentralized Connector is a key innovation for secure and efficient API key connections. This tool streamlines the integration between applications and users’ third-party platforms, addressing the challenges in managing authentication secrets.

It not only enhances account aggregation but also focuses on improving user experiences, making interactions both personalized and secure, eliminating points of failure as user’s authentication secrets are no stored but sharded and distributed among the oracle network.

ZKON Widget
ZKON Widget

For a better understanding of how it works, please read our documentation.

🔑 How do we connect your accounts?

  1. Implement our SDK or add the Widget: Multi-Language repositories available on ZKON Github’s. For more information, visit our documentation.
  2. API/Secret sharding: The user starts the account connection process providing the API Key which will never be disclosed to any single party in full format.
  3. MPC: The Multi-Party Computation (MPC) engages, processing encrypted data shards and dividing it across the multiple Oracles on the Network, ensuring no complete data set is ever held by a single entity and avoiding single points of failure.
  4. HMAC Signing process: The oracles collaboratively sign an HMAC petition to an endpoint.
  5. Secure Connection Establishment: ZKON’s d-Auth Connector establishes a secure and trustless connection with user accounts. From now on, delegation requests are available. This allows the app to act on behalf of users, resulting in a faster and smoother process until the user ends the connection.
ZKON Widget

Does this meet your current needs and would you like more details on the integration process? Feel free to contact me so that we can personally assist you and work together to create a comprehensive solution for you. We welcome your input as we shape the future of connected accounts and portable data!

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